Powerful Promises Guided Theta Wave Meditation

Powerful Promises has been downloaded and enjoyed by over 24,000 subscribers all over the globe!! It is a highly praised, coaching style meditation audio - my hypnotic version of a classic coaching & manifestation process. 

Powerful Promises helps you to align at a subconscious level with the future that you desire, which makes the job of creating and attracting the success you dream of so much easier. I have used the cutting edge technology of Binaural Beats set to the deep relaxation frequency of Theta Wave. This ensures the most efffective brain training effect for you as you listen and follow the questions and visualisations.

As a Professional Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist - working with clients from all over the world - I specialise in facilitating change at the subconscious level. We are all ruled by our subconscious minds, this is where our inner transformations NEED to be taking place if we want tangible and lasting change. New perceptual filters or fresh neural programs will not stick around unless they are rooted within the subconscious. Our highest potential will not be realised unless we lay aligned foundations within the most influential aspect of our consciousness. Theta Wave Binaural Beat technology - in combination with quality coaching - opens up this essential ACCESS to your subconscious.

Sign up for Powerful Promises TODAY to claim your FREE audio. This is being downloaded consistently by one hundred or so people per day, with a current total of over 24,000 subscribers - and rising! AND Powerful Promises is rated by it's users at 95%. It is Powerful, Positive and leaves you FULL of Potential. You can use it as a brilliant tool for planning and creating for 2018. Get ready to SHINE Brighter during the year ahead and beyond. 

The Powerful Promises audio gives you:

  • Guided future visualisation
  • Coaching into a powerful inner state of being which harnesses the combined forces of your Intention, your Attention PLUS the embodied force of your Feelings
  • 20 minutes of brain training allowing you to relax in the dreamy Theta Wave zone of joy, possibility & creation


Lisa Bardell

Lisa Bardell BSc (Hons) Psychology, is an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Coach, Executive Coach, Life Coach and creator of The SHINE Meditation & Coaching Program.

Powerful Promises has been downloaded over 24,000 times already!

With 95% fabulous feedback


Lisa Bardell is an Interative Therapist, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author of the upcoming personal development book Shine Brighter. Lisa created and statistically validated her widely praised brain training system called The SHINE Meditation & Coaching Program back in 2015. Much of Lisa's time is spent working one to one with her private coaching clients from her practices in Cheshire and Central London, or leading women in business through a pioneeering personal development program as a Director of Damsels in Success through her Manchester based group of entrepreneurs.

Following a 16 year high pressured business career, with 6 years as a Senior Executive, Lisa understands the personal, relationship and creative challenges of a fast paced, results driven environment. In re-designing her own life, she now helps others to develop and thrive in their chosen field and to reach their full potential as individuals and within their relationships

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