Unlock the Secret to Less Stress, More Clarity, Less Distraction & Better Focus with this Proven Formula for Taking Control and Being More Productive

Discover how to access and nurture an optimal Brain - Heart - Body state called Psychophysiological Coherence.
Think of it as a 'High Performance' or 'Flow' state. 
In this state, your body produces less of the stress hormone Cortisol, and more of the sister hormone DHEA, known as the 'Anti-aging and Vitality Hormone'
Users of the program experience:
- Greater calm & confidence
- Improved emotional stability
- A more positive and optimistic outlook on life
- A quieter mind and clearer thinking
- Better quality sleep
- Improved energy and vitality
They also report better concentration and productivity and a have a greater sense of motivation and enthusiasm for life in general.
SHINE is a 'Daily Meditation, Relaxation & Self Coaching Program', developed & delivered by Lisa Bardell BSc (Hons) Psychology, Dip NLP Coach Clin Hyp, NLP Master
The tuition is via pre-recorded webinars, sent to your inbox.
Now you can access this unique online meditation program for just £67 (RRP £199)
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The SHINE Program is a structured blend of applied Psychology and Mind-Body Science.
When you join the SHINE program, you'll discover....

“SHINE Meditation with Lisa has transformed my life. Not only do I feel more calm and emotionally resilient, following an emotional wobble this summer, but I also have an increased sense of daily wellbeing, and I feel more centred and grounded in myself. 

Lisa is a fantastic and really thorough teacher. I can't praise her and her work more highly. 
The SHINE Program has made a huge difference, and I'm happy to recommend it to anyone who is ready for a daily practice, and wants to boost their forward momentum and focus in life.”

Zara - Therapist, London

More about SHINE

I developed this approach after training as an Integrative Coach & Therapist and gaining accreditation as a Meditation Coach and successfully teaching over 1000 clients to meditate via sell out UK Group Workshops, my Meditation Retreats in Ibiza and Bordeaux and in my One to One Executive & Life Coaching private practices in London and Cheshire.

I have since created SHINE Meditation, developed organically based on my experience, my research, and from clients' responses to what worked for them and what helped them the most. I purposely designed SHINE Meditation to be taught easily over a couple of hours, to meet with client demands and feedback.

SHINE Meditation has been statistically validated through a Standardised 6 Week Trial & Evaluation process, with a group of 40 participants. The RESULTS show that 100% of participants who followed the protocol as taught - using the techinique and tools 10-14 times per week for 6 weeks - showed a strongly significant improvement in Mental Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing and 'Satisfaction with Life' - all were measured using standardised and validated evaluation tools.

A Word From Lisa...

After redesigning my own life following a corporate career which had left me jaded, I followed my early passion for Psychology since my degree at London University,  and my natural curiosity about the mind and what makes people tick, to become an Integrative Coach & Therapist. Whilst on my own new path of self awareness and personal transformation, I became fascinated with the science of the Mind-Body Connection and also with the science of Stress and Meditation. This all lead me to take up my own daily meditation practice which quite honestly was an absolute game changer for me! I was really excited to share the gift with others, so I took extensive training to become accredited as a Meditation Coach, Teacher and Trainer.

Several years in, I distilled and refined my learning and experiences to create my own technique called SHINE, which is really a blend of all that I know, to help people change and internally re-wire at a neural level, it is Meditation & Coaching, and my aim was to make the style, presentation and the techniques themselves accessible and easy to understand. It's my absolute pleasure to be sharing this material with you and reaching out further and wider to help people in the comfort of their own homes via this SHINE Meditation & Coaching Online Program.